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I think everyone is partially right in this thread and if you add it all together it makes the most sense...they "purpose built" the car for 1-because they can and showed what they can do due to the health of their current economic state. 2-they have LS7 engines already built that they lose money on by sitting on shelves. 3-making it "less desireable" to Joe Carbuyer by pricing above a DD status weeds out the men from the boys well and the car collectors 4-overpricing it still allows them to sell the remaining LS7's but keep the CAFE numbers at bay. 5-Heritage-they built the car to reinvigorate a passion but create its own legacy for future gens. In part, if the above did not hold water, they would have allowed for the SS to have an LS7 option. The Z/28 will be very profitable for GM regardless how many they sell and that is a good thing.

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