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Originally Posted by Cincy10SSRS View Post
Are you f'ing kidding me?! Maybe you drive thru there at 3am or something when there's little traffic but just about any day of the week on the news you will see a story about wrecks or broken down trucks causing huge backups or something going thru there. My wife has to drive it every day at rush hour and several days a week she has some harrowing story to tell about getting thru there unscathed. Both northbound (going down the hill from KY into Cincy) and southbound (the way you spoke about) are very dangerous, high-wreck stretches. See the link below; the wreck statistics shown are bad enough but have gotten much worse in recent years with a number of fatalities each year, some of them just horrendous incidents. For a former cop, whose career at that seemed to only last about one year for some reason, to advocate super-speeding up Death Hill is just insane.
Ah yeah you're right I do go through at 3am LOL
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