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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Interesting. Does RB say how much these calipers will weigh?
I held the last gen ctsv front oem caliper (which is our camaro front) and a forged set of their own they said would fit our rotor but mounting is off and it was significant....i should have weighed it since they have a scale.

its forged and has lost a lot of that extra crap that is on our calipers for no the big bulges and lines and what not from the sand casting

Originally Posted by ZL1-V View Post
I was just down there two days ago picking up stainless steel brake lines for my ZL1. I would have mentioned it to Warren, oops,too late.
call him!! email them!!

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post

In our efforts to stay ahead of the Camaro TEAM (which isn't easy ) I have been speaking with Brembo for about 18 months about killer brakes for the 5th Gen. The calipers need to be a step below a full racing brake so they can be used on the street. (Full racing brake calipers are high maintenance.) The GT-R Caliper is spot on. It has no exterior dust seals to over heat and disintegrate. Is machine from a block of billet aluminum. SS Inserts to insulate the piston from the heat of the backing plate.

If you have driven a ZL1 you will understand what I am about to say. My lasting impression of a ZL1 is the brakes are beyond ridiculous. You feel like you can stop on a dime from ANY speed.

How far along are the RB Calipers?
the gtr caliper racingbrake makes is a improvement over oem gtr...i actually ran into a full race gtr running racing brakes whole setup

brembo is ridiculously expensive...not forged...heavy...and Italian. Perhaps you can try a set of racingbrake everything and give feedback since you have such a cult following. everything you described about the brembo or was it the gtr caliper they have at racing brake. their calipers are easier to change pads then our oem brakes if you can imagine that.

racingbrake is all about losing weight managing heat and stopping better

and yes I have driven both a current gen ctsv and a zl1....they can brake well but they aren't the end all be all that is represented on this forum. also those conversion kits aren't exactly cheap and you cant run 18 inch wheels with them aka more weight loss with less wheel weight

Mr. Pete I know you have friends and trusted partners in the industry like forgeline and what not but I promise you wont be disappointed if you made nice with racingbrake. Visit them at the next sema or something.

RacingBrake said they would get on a camaro/old ctsv forged caliper with all the goodies and direct bolt on capability if I drummed up enough interest i asked for a number and he said 10 might be sellable to the boss....he wasn't there today for the first time i have been there

I can talk all day about racingbrake but eventually it will sound like I work there.

so call, email, and let them know that Blake with silver camaro isn't the only one that wants mooooooooorrrreeeeeeeeee!
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