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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
I totally get the gearing taking mph off the top but if these #'s are accurate I don't quite understand the 0-60 time @ 4.2. It just seems to me that if I throw a 3:91 gear in the car, take 300 pounds off her, and have the hp/torque #'s we have been told that it should be sub 4. I know you don't time a road course car from a dead stop so I get it is irrelevant for the purpose of the car but I just find that a bit odd. I am not slamming the car, especially since this is all speculation it just seems to not add up to me.

The ZL1 is 300 lbs heavier to make it kill at the launch. Launching is ZL1 territory. THE STREET is ZL1 territory. Z28 is no compromise track killer, and you only launch once in a race around the track. Stay waiting for those Ring times...I am pessemistic for the Z28
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