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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
I think all the previous discussions (and gripes) about why the Z/28 is bare-bones, etc., coming from the Camaro crowd would apply the same to the Corvette crowd with a casual interest in the Z/28....Camaro owners are told they can get "more" of what they may want in a street car by spending less for a ZL-1.....Corvette owners perhaps lose interest in the Z/28 because they could spend the "same" for a luxurious Corvette...

....Same rule applies...If that's how you look at it, the Z/28 is not the car for you....I just think all this "price-point" business, as in figuring out where the Z/28 "needs to fit in" as if it were for some long-haul model run, is pretty much non-applicable in this case...
I totally get what your saying, I cant seem to figure out how to word what I was trying to say lol. I was trying to say something along the lines for the people with enough $ to buy this as a toy, like a 3rd or 4th car.. People that might buy it just to buy it, may pass on it for something else at a certain price point, but like you said this isnt the car for them
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