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I completely understand that some of you want to have a hope and a prayer on snatching this up cheap, but I have a feeling that reality will sink in soon. When I look at this new Z/28, I want to see a Z06 like performance (obviously plus some weight, but I think you know what I mean) . GM finally stepped up the camaros game. And I for one, cannot wait. I already know that I can't afford this thing. But as an enthusiast of the camaro. I hope this car kicks ass. It's not about me. It's about the car. I want this car to succeed more than anything on this planet. No compromises!

If I'm wrong, so be it. And everybody can have one, yay.

From Fbod himself;

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post

The 2014 is dedicated to the “Z/28” purist. This is a track car that makes no excuses. That this car is a full three seconds faster on a track than the mighty ZL1 speaks volumes to its intent. Make no mistake – this isn’t a slap at the mightly ZL1. Far from it. If you want a car that blows other cars off a road course on Saturday and Sunday – and yet will get you to the office in comfort on Monday morning – the ZL1 is the car for you. If you want blistering track performance at a reasonable cost – the 1LE is prescribed. And – if you want to shame exotics on a road course – with an automobile that’s not meant for daily driving, then the Z/28 makes no apologies and may grab you by the collar – shake you silly -- and shout “LET’S GO MAKE HISTORY!”
I don't know about any of you, but that sounds like a Z06 like vehicle to me. Which tells me it's going to be expensive.
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