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Update: For what it's worth, the same problem has persisted almost across the entire product line with the unintentional trunk release - it wasn't only our Camaros that had the problem. It exists on the Cruze, LaCrosse, Malibu and a few other models between 2009-2013.

The problem is mainly due to the remote key design and compounded by the fact that only one press of the release button opens the trunk. So, GM has provided a fix for the affected models by dealer-installing, under warranty, a two-shot trunk release relay. Anyone with those affected models that have the problem can get to the dealer for a free fix.

GM has also decided that future production models (2014) will incorporate a programming that requires TWO presses of the trunk release button to open the trunk.

Apparently, GM didn't see the Camaro as a problem as much as the Cruze or LaCrosse.
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