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A new front and rear end are the cheapest means of refreshing the look of the Camaro, but I don't understand the thought process behind some of these choices. Even if a person is a fan of chrome, the choice of a single small strip of chrome on the front fascia just doesn't flow and seems tacked on. Either add more chrome or get rid of it entirely.

The V6 Camaro are a popular choice with the general public so you'd think they would put more thought into its unique look over the SS - why make the lower grille so flat that it no longer flows with the body and looks like it has been in an accident?

The rear end just has so much wrong with it, the license plate area and tail lights being the worst offenders. The rear just doesn't fit the design of the rest of the car/the body lines. It is smart to redesign the rear with LED tail lights since that is a given in today's 30k+ cars, but I'll never understand their Honda Prelude choice. If the 69 Camaro was an inspiration, make it look more like that but with LEDs...
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