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Originally Posted by Mr. iNCREDIBLE View Post
or don't bother with it at all.. I never do unless I am going for a long drive..

personally I think it is pointless to have to get out of my car to put the damn thing on if I have a power top.. WTH is the point of a power top if I still have to get out to assemble a cover?

bad design.. I stopped using it after a week or so..
Well I drove to the store and back without the cover - but all I can think about is dirt and stuff flying into the open areas and have a super dirty trunk.

Originally Posted by Oldag View Post
Mine works great. No problems at all. Speeds up to 90 mph (90 in an 85 zone, for those who are counting...).

No quarrels with the design.
Is that on a normal non windy day? I can say on this particular day it was pretty windy - more than a normal day.

Originally Posted by markas214 View Post
I've always thought that the cover could use some extra securing. Time for some improvisation from one of our esteemed peers maybe. They could have engineered some flexible bands under the cloth bottom for stiffness.
I didn't understand why the front would be secured but not the back area, but what do I know?
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