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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post

And...if it has the close ratio gearbox, it likely needs a shift before 60 mph which will make the 0-60 time longer.

We have no idea if this speculated information is correct, and if it is, I just don't care. It doesn't matter for those of us who will use the car for its intended purpose.
Actually a close-ratio gearbox would mean the opposite--it will have a taller 1st gear. As the name implies, the ratios will be closer together, and with 4th gear being a 1:1, that means ratios 1-3 will be higher and closer than with the standard trans. In addition, a short 1st gear would be pretty much worthless on most road courses. The tall 1st gear would probably mean a 0-60 run in 1st gear but difficult to launch between bogging and lighting up the tires. It's also not an optimal gear for a standing start acceleration run.
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