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Happy Dyno Day

Made it to the Dyno today with my tuner (Bill). Now that i have my custom made belts from Whipple, I got to try out my 3" pulley for the first time. Very happy with the results 798 rwhp / 745 rwtq @ 15 psi @ 6400 rpm .

I think there is still more in her. Despite the 10 rib pulley, the belt was a little tacky when i switched back to my daily driver pulley (with a measly 724 whp ) i'm suspecting belt slip (i was expecting 16-17psi...and only got 15). I hear Whipple has a heavy duty tensioner, so will follow-up w/Mike.

The good news is my ADM FPCM & ZL1 pump held up perfectly! Andy didn't think it would hold up to 800 hp, but as you can see in the log snapshot, at 6500 rpm, it was holding steady at 65 psi.

After a stronger tensioner, i think my next mod will be the super was a crappy weather day to dyno, and my IATs were high...I think starting a pull/run around 50 degrees should be worth a little more power.

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