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Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Great pics bro and I really like what you did with the tips they look great no need to change them IMO , great work buddy .
Thanks Pierre! Glad to know that you think they look good, Ill probably change them later as there is no rush anymore. I thought i was going to have empty squares until the bright idea i came up with

Originally Posted by NorCalStorm View Post
would you ever think about changing the white stripes to black?? seeing as how all your accents are black?!
I actually love the white rally stripes. When i first got the car i wanted to change them to black because it just wasnt my ideal color combo, but they really grew on me overtime. I still wanted that aggressive badass look with the blackouts on the car but also keep it classy with the white rallys on top. In my opinion at least i feel like the white gives the car a well balanced look. From an artists standpoint, the black being a dark color keeps everything feeling bottom heavy and the white on top keeps everything balanced. Im not sure if that makes sense at all
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