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Originally Posted by JR-Vette View Post
Brand new, Owner lives in OR but bought this 2013 from a dealer in Ca
Arrived with about 200 miles on it and you'd think the dealer would have checked all functions of the car but did not

A/C when owner pushes the A/C button lights up and turns fan speed dial will NEVER come on ( blows hot air only) , if at idle, driving, starting with A/C ON or off.

I found when simply removing the A/C relay (engine off) ( top left of fuse panel) and putting it right back in and then starting engine, turn A/C on and it WORKS.

Turn engine off, then start again A/C will not work again ( compressor clutch not being engaged).

Using OBD scanner shows A/C is commanded ON but noting but hot air.

Tried this several times and even swapped that relay with another one in fuse block of same type and same results.

What is causing the relay on shutdown not to go into proper state and ONLY removing relay just for a second, plugged back in and A/C will work just for that startup ?

Any bad lot of these relays or fuse box wiring pin or ground issues ?


Congratulations on your 2013 Camaro. I apologize for the displeasing situation you described with the air conditioning. I recognize your attempts at solving the issue greatly, though I would encourage a dealer visit for a possible permanent fix to the air conditioning in the vehicle. I could even set that visit up for you if you'd like. Feel free to send me a PM regarding this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

William R.
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