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Originally Posted by JANNETTYRACING View Post
Since we just got the pulleys time will tell, that story.

The TVS 2300 so far Makes exactly the same power as the Maggie TVS2300

The Advantage, Less moving parts without the Jackshaft,

Better belt wrap due to pulley location.

Larger intercooler for Lower IAT,

Easier installation.

Cleaner Look,

Easier maintenance like changing injectors,

Port Matched Base Manifold.

There will always be a limit to what a 6 Rib Belt can turn but this one will turn More HP before an 8 or 10 Rib conversion is necessary.

I see 650 RWHP Being Very Easy with Cam and Headers.

.....This is my future!!!!!

Loving the install Ted. The Power is addicting!!! Thankyou again!!
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