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Originally Posted by mcdoogle6969 View Post
No trans will be built, looking at the LPE fuel system.

As for the kit I believe its eagle crank, H-beam rods, and I think Pistons are from them as well. I can't remember all the details since the shop I'm going through is taking care of everything. Also getting a fast intake manifold, heads are ported, 1000cc injectors, meth injection, and I'm going with the 12 rib pulley setup with their upgraded intercooler and such.
I'd crank the boost up to 15/16 psi if that blower is decently efficient at the level. Seems like the super charger will be the limiting factor. All the other parts are good to go.

Just keep in mind that the LPE duals are good to about 800 rwhp or so.
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