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I have to definitely agree with the both. The products are amazing and so is the customer service. I recently ordered a kit that came with polish, glaze and wax. As you know each one has its own color coded applicator pad. When I opened the package it turned out I was sent 3 red pads instead of matched colors to product. Also no spray nozzles for the detail spray, All purpose etc.

I emailed Adam's, and the next day I received an apology email stating the missing items were on the way, and that I could also keep the three red pads they originally sent. Shortly after that a shipping confirmation email. Couple days later a box at my door containing three color coded pads, and multiple spray nozzles.

THIS is the kind of customer service that will keep me coming back, as I'm sure it does for everyone else. Doesn't get much better.

Thanks again!
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