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AFR is 11.6-11.8ish everywhere on boost. We have been told these SIDI engines like leaner but we didn't really see any gains there.

Tracy right? Thanks for sharing on here like you do, these communities help all of us get a better result. We did SEVERAL revisions on our oil system / crankcase and learned a few things. The oil return for the turbos to anywhere up top is a NO GO, I don't know if the cylinder heads don't return oil fast enough or the valve covers don't have enough capacity!? We ended up returning the sump tank oil to the oil pan and each valve cover is vented to atmosphere with a breather filter. I have a few EURO buddies who shared with me the oil vapor issues with most DI engines so we elected to not put in a air / oil separator / evac system and the constant draining needed. We do realize a few HP could be gained with a vacuum pump or evac setup but longevity is our ultimate goal here. On our dyno tests we never observed any smoking from the breathers and unlike prior versions when we open the filler cap it doesnt pop like a champagne cork haha.
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