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Originally Posted by Mohamed Sharaf View Post
Where can I find an Owen in Riyadh?

Mine has 3.5k, 5 months old 2012, and I believe that I've started to notice the sound after the first 500k if I am not mistaken!!

I've taken it to the agency, and test drove it with a mechanic beside me but I couldn't get it to happen with him beside me :'( The sound existed at that test drive but it wasn't that loud that only I heard it!! He told me that he would love to fix it for me but he just can't hear it and can't get something fixed without knowing the issue (long stroy), at the end he added, don't worry if it is going to cause more damage with time, we will fix all the damaged parts under warranty for free :/ I was like the damage that it might be caused by that sound isn't the only thing concerning me, it is the sound that bugs me!!
Sounds like a mechanic willing to work with you. Print out these instructions and take them with you to the Agency. In the USA you get better results if you show up with a couple dozen donuts, a gallon of coffee and the instructions

Camaro Front End Noise Correction

Inspection -- Determine if the upper spring insulator is black rubber or beige urethane.

Inspection -- If it is black rubber and partially displaced, replace it with the updated steel and urethane insulator.

Inspection -- Is there any damage to any of the front end components.

Inspection -- If available test drive with chassis ears in place to identify the source. If chassis ears are not available complete the 9 Steps listed here.

1. With the weight of the car on the wheels, remove the strut retaining nut and plate.
2. Burp the exposed strut assembly nut tight with the biggest baddest air gun in the shop. TQ is the key. We need a sudden acceleration of the nut to make it tight.
3. Reinstall the strut retaining plate and strut retaining nut. Tighten with the same over kill air gun for the same reasons.
4. Hit the strut clevis bolts with the same gun.
5. Hit the endlink nuts with the same monster gun. Don't do it by hand. Crank them down.
6. Get a wrench and all three ball joint nuts. Make them mechanic tight.
7. Crank down the radius arm nut and bolt to the same standard. Mechanic tight.
8. Get a socket on the sway bar strap nuts and make them mechanic tight.
9. Hit all four steering rack bolts and make them mechanic tight.

The 5th Gen Camaro is a ZETA II front end. We have seen issues with the G8 in the USA and the Commodore in AU. Chevrolet addressed those issues with large more robust ball joints and studs. Pontiac has addressed them with a TSB to replace the LCA and radius arms. There is NO issue with those components on the Camaro. Replacing the arms on G8s does not eliminate the noise because there were additional sources. Those sources are what appear to be tight to spec nuts on ball joints, endlinks, steering rack mounts, clevis bolts and strut mounting hardware. (The Camaro strut mount is different from the G8, but similar in that it has two nuts one below and one above the strut mount). Tightening the bolts is the key to resolving front end noises. What makes it tough for the DYI is lack of access to a high volume high pressure air supply to power a rattle gun.
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