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Here are some Q&A re dust boots.

Q: Why do my caliper boots keep burning down on me after track events?

A: Because OE boots are not made for high heat environment so they can easily get melted under high temperature operation.

Q: Do I have to replace them?

A: Every component serves its purpose. The boot can shield the "heat" from getting into your brake system and ‘brake dust” to your pressure seals. Ignoring them can lead to more replacement in brake fluid, and down time in caliper rebuild.

Q: I heard some members suggested just leave it, by referring to most racing calipers don't even come with dust boots, is this a valid recommendation?

A: I can’t verify how true that is (racing calipers don't have dust boot) but keep in mind that those professional racers are racing for their sponsors, so they absolutely don’t have to care for the maintenance & replacement cost like you guys. It's also conceivable that those calipers are specifically made for racing purpose, by eliminating dust boot feature means cutting down the development cost and time.

Q: Is there a way to get around so the brake dust can be shielded but w/o having to watch out for replacement.

A: RB calipers are designed with “built-in” dust seal which eliminates the replacement headaches.

Q: How does your dust seal compare to OE dust boots for durability and installation.

A: Our dust seals literally never need replacement unlike boots type which requires constant replacements; installation is much easier than boots if ever needed.
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