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Hi everybody ...

Someone asked about the power to the ground ?? Good question ... many awnsers !

as MY next question would be ... what gear you like to know ... because the RWP is gear dependent ... so lets see that calculation :

the camaros drivetrain ( gearbox & wheels ) LOSS is vehicle Speed and lubrication oil in the drivetrain parts dependent ..

When you do 2 measurement after a 5 min constant 50 mph rolling on the dyno to we declare tire temp and gear lubrication temp is same in 2 runs .. then only the each other we declare the drivetrain loss is only dependent from vehicle Speed like shown in this diagram :

as you see ... in 1rst gear we are getting Maximum RWP with 429 RWP because of less drivetrain loss in the 1rst gear ... against 405 RWP in gear nr. 4 !!!!

all higher gears are causing higher drivetrain loss .. also lower RWP ... BUT CONSTANT FLYWHEELPOWER !!!

so .. the only way to do accurate dyno testing is to do the positive dyno run and after that measure the drivetrainloss to get the REAL Flywheelpower !

Anything else is not be able to compare between diffrent dynos !

Because ... i can run the car stock in 4 gear .. with a much higher drivetrain loss and the Tuning i measure in 3 gear ... so the Tuning will Show much more power because of less drivetrain loss !

When you do the flywheel calculation Methode ... the lower drivetrainloss in 3rd gear will be complete compensated and the REAL power Differenz is shown !

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