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Thanks for all the kind comments, guys. I knew it would be some work going into this, but d@mn was it a LOT of work.
Originally Posted by JimE View Post
Craftsman shopping spree? It's always nice to get organized. The hard part is keeping it that way.
haha...Christmas shopping. I didn't really have any before pix since the garage was such a mess...and didn't think about pix until we we well under way. But yeah. Over Christmas, I went nuts at Sears.....actually, it was black Friday (oops). There were some AWESOME deals to be had and I put down just over a grand for everything....and it was WELL worth it.

Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
Great job Doug !!!!!!

That blue on the ceiling made me lmao the wife probably agreed to help just to move you out there lol

Great place you have to work and detail how much wattage are you pushing through lights ? hahahahahaha
I was hesitant to do the blue on the ceiling, but said screw it....why not.
It actually looks really cool in person and gives the car this awesome bluish hue to it when under the light. And yeah...wattage in the lights? Um...not sure. 162 watts, I guess?
Here they are from HD
This was a GREAT investment. About $340 for everything.
Originally Posted by Redemption View Post
Needs more tools!!!! ;-)

Nice job. I will finally have a few weekends to get mine in order again.

I HATE HD. I buy waaaay too many tools and odds n ends. So far, I haven't come up to anything were I needed a tool I didn't have. When the time comes,
Originally Posted by spike III View Post
Great job Tag,Just finished finshed mine up this weekend. Great pics of the garage,good choice of colors. My best part of the whole project is the whole family got involved in it. Family doing & spending time together is priceless.

Well...the kids were good for a while. Then they were The wife did a TON and was a huge help. I couldn't thank here enough.
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Oh man... I hope my wife doesn't see this thread.

Great Job!!!

I got one of those Craftsman brake stools for Christmas and love it.
Oh...I use that thing all the time. can't believe it took me THIS long to get one. Love the magnetic bucket I put on the bottom too. That thing is a huge help.
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