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Hi everybody !

Keith ... please Show me only 1 Diagramm where the drivetrainloss is REALLY measured and 20%+ from the wheelpower ... that is only possible when an eddicurrent retarder break was used and not corrected in the System !!

We have also an eddicurrent break retarder in our dyno ... but the very heavy drum at the medium power of the camaro dont Need any more load for propper reading ... for a 1000PS+ Turbo car we Need the retarder break to get propper boost Levels and to expand the measuring time .. !

the measured camaro had 405 PS at the wheels at 254km/h and 40PS complete drivetrain and gearbox and tire loss .. so together 445PS at the flywheel ... NOT MORE !! Anything else is a lie in the own pocket and only good at bar talks with lots of beer !!

small twin dyno rollers can cause a very big surge loss at the wheels , but then the wheel power is also low !

in this case the gearbox cooler must have nearly the size of the engine cooler to get rid of the heat !

one vehicle that i know with such a big loss was possibly the sherman tank in WWII!

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