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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
Chevy proved their capability of doing something they never did before, and in a way, to show that they could. The ZL1. It was underpriced by performance metrics VS it's MSRP. They seemingly answered our pleas here on the Z-28 forum where we discussed the bulding of the Z-28 with the LS7 in a final go out with a blow out ride. We got it built, by gosh yes they are doing it! By making a car they can race and doing it right, then it should have been a COPO style no VIN race only model, not similar to that of the ZL1 where it's warrantied for racing, but can be a DD.
I'm thinking perhaps these Z/28s just may "magically" stop at 692(?) or whatever it was they built in '67...I don't think they realistically can make very many of them that are street-legal, for a variety of reasons....

Perhaps a COPO similar program for a track car would be how they continue on....(COPOs were street-legal, but that's not how they're building them now, either)....LS7s, the 5thGens themselves, aren't gonna be around for very much longer anyways...Another guess, they will only be MY 2014 (built as long as the rules allow) '15s....who knows...

It's been said various times and in different ways, that they considered calling the ZL1 the Z/28...It's more Z/28ish to how a lot of people would have wanted the Z/28 built for affordability, and street-ability...Stripper cars will never be big sellers, no matter what form they come in...

I think the bottom line will be, if you really, really want one, you better get one as soon as possible...I don't think the Z/28 in it's present form will be around very long....

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