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Starting Issues and Gremlins??

It started acting weird a couple of days ago. It seemed like it was struggling to start. Then yesterday, on the way to work, it suddenly showed on the DIC that a door was open when it wasn't.

Leaving work yesterday, it again struggled to start and wanted me to re-index the windows. After stopping for gas, it wouldn't start. With the key in the on position, all gauges and lights showed good. Turning the key to the start position resulted in all lights going out for as long as I held the key. No relay chattering or cranking. Releasing the key, all lights came back on. Battery showed about 13 volts.

When it finally started, I had to re-index the windows again. Once I got home, I shut it off and it started right back up. I suspect the battery is weak. Dealer agrees and will be doing a load test on the battery and replacing if necessary under warranty.
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