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PROBLEM! 2012 2LT RS dead!

So I was at my trailer for the weekend, and all was good, until I went to leave. I started the car, drove about 30 seconds at 10kph thru the park, and it died instantly. I tried restarting the car, and for the next 2 hours, it would start for 2 seconds then stall. It dosnt stall like when you turn off the key, but sounds like there is banging in the muffler. I got it flat bed'd to the dealership (at midnight) and had to take a cab home ($150.00). They called me today, told me that they replaced the mass air flow sensor, and that all will be good. My question is... I cleaned my air filter 2 weeks ago, and mistakenly left the sensor unplugged. It ran fine, but gave me a CEL. Now, I have no CEl, but the car wouldn't run. Will the MAF be the fix?

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