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Originally Posted by velocity149 View Post
So I was at my trailer for the weekend, and all was good, until I went to leave. I started the car, drove about 30 seconds at 10kph thru the park, and it died instantly. I tried restarting the car, and for the next 2 hours, it would start for 2 seconds then stall. It dosnt stall like when you turn off the key, but sounds like there is banging in the muffler. I got it flat bed'd to the dealership (at midnight) and had to take a cab home ($150.00). They called me today, told me that they replaced the mass air flow sensor, and that all will be good. My question is... I cleaned my air filter 2 weeks ago, and mistakenly left the sensor unplugged. It ran fine, but gave me a CEL. Now, I have no CEl, but the car wouldn't run. Will the MAF be the fix?
My bet is when you cleaned the filter you fouled the MAF with the oil. Common problem. Or as it was hanging and bumping around you somehow damaged it.
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