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Hi !

i can tell you about our Dynojet Story that we bought for our EDS Tuning and Service Center in Shanghai ...

January 2013 we spend 4 weeks in Shanghai to set up the new delivered LC224 overground dynojet with Eddi current break retarder ...

We asked dynojet for the flywheel-power-testing Option Software from Dynojet and after the Installation we checked some known cars on the dynojet .

1) Buick Regal GS 2.0Turbo ... stock 225PS engine power ... dynojet showed 195PS engine power and much too less torque ....
2) Buick Excelle 1.6Turbo ... stock 180PS engine power .... dynojet showed 160PS engine power ... and much too less torque ...
3) Buick Regal 2.4NA ... stock 175PS engine power ... dynojet showed 145PS ....

So we asked for a new software to get accurate dyno numbers and not that Kind of Bingo Game !

We were connected to the EU Division of dynojet and they send us the EU Version for accurate flywheel power and Trq measurement with 15 sec Extrapolation calculation during the rollout of the negative power loss testing ... and BINGO !!!

All stock cars showed STOCK power and TRQ figures as they were confirmed by the GM factory in Shanghai and we did our Job to develop the power Tuning for the Buick Regal 2.0T and Excelle 1.6T Shanghai Motorshow cars !

So .. the end of the Story .... i cant tell you WHY there are sooo many cars with soooo less RWP dyno figures and soooo much drivetrain loss in % .....

Only to measure the RWP on a dyno seems to be total Nonsens and you can better spend the money for a RWP-dynorun in the next bar with some nice Girls !

A propper flywheel dynorun is also showing the RWP and the complete drivetrainloss ... and together the flywheel power and that seems to be the only way to compare cars , Tuningsystems and enginebuilds !

In my personal opinion every Dyno Owner should ask for the flywheel-option from the dyno manifacturer and test some cars ... then the discussion after some flywheel dynotests will be much smoother then now and MUCH more realistic !! for listening

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