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Originally Posted by garfield1969 View Post
Charlie how is the job going, hope your doing good?
Heya everybody! Sorry about being gone for quite a while, I'm sure things on here have been a lot more mature with me gones, hahahahaha! The job is going really well, the people I work with are amazing, the benefits are fantastics, but I have been busier than any other job/company/department that I have ever worked for my entire life. I kid ya not, I don't even have time to reply to text messages when I get em. Sorry Boricua and Lawrence. By the time that I get off work, I usually head home and crash out on the bed, cause I am beat. Either that or I my body is trying to catch up on some sleep that I may have missed out on, lol.

I hope that everyone is planning on joining Genny and everyone at Farley's this Saturday afternoon for lunch. I probably won't be able to make it as I have some other commitments that I have to fulfill that afternoon, .

Mr. Mean, good to hear that you are in the 915! Can't wait to finally meet yah!

One other thing before I skidattle, be sure that each and every one of you save the date of Saturday, July 20th, because Genny and others are putting together a big Car Show in Las Cruces and could use every single one of your help in participating for this summer spectacular. More info I am sure will be provided this coming Saturday afternoon. Until then, cheers everyone!
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