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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post

You know what really sucks? A Tahoe COULD fit in there! ...and I want to put one in there!

We now have the Camaro paid off....which, is obviously a good thing. But, now have to weight out which is more important....the Tahoe or a nice 3 acre plot of land EXACTLY where we want it in the hill country. We could either get the land or Tahoe. Tahoe could be paid off by this upcoming and clear. Or, we could have 2/3's the land paid off. DAMN...decisions, decisions... Since it's Dana's turn, I put the ball in her court. She said land. Yep. That is, unless she gets a job. If she gets a job, we can have both done in 3 years time. Now THAT is what I'm talking about!
Hey TAG,

I'll be headed back to Fort Hood from Afghanistan in late July and I'll be selling by '07 Tahoe in the August/September time frame if you're interested.

I'm going to sell it so I can pay off my Camaro and buy a new truck.

Maybe that way you can get your land AND a Tahoe?
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