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Originally Posted by chicagobulls View Post
Also dont be afraid to haggle a little bit.

Ask them if they would do it for like 350 for instance and say you would pay in cash.

I bet they would say ok, they are just trying to see if you will bite on the super high price like alot of their customers probably do.

I go to a place called mexico mufflers, and they told my bro 300 to install springs. I got them down to 100 bucks lol although it is hard to communicate.
LOL!! $100?! That's good haggling!! I'm going to another place today and I'll see if they'll work with me on the price. I also need my res x installed so hopefully I can get them to cut me a deal.

Originally Posted by menendez1293 View Post
Hey just throwing this out there but maybe you could message Matt from FSP see when the next time he will be in PC and see how much he will charge for the install. And maybe if you go for the IPF tune he can give you some type of special pricing. Not sure how he does business but it doesn't hurt to ask.

That's a good idea, man. I might do that. I know he said not too long ago that he was going to be up in the PC/Lynn Haven area sometime soon and we were discussing me possibly getting IPF tuned. Thanks for the heads up!
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