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Originally Posted by StephenS_84 View Post
I can only go off of what a very close friend's exp. He has a car that is well over 700rwhp, and drags it all the time. He originally bought a DSS 9 inch, axles the whole damn set up. He bought the 1400hp axles, and destroyed 3 of them while racing. That started his displeasure with DSS. He dealt with Frank alot. He got tired of the 1400hp axles breaking. His car isn't close to that, so why were they breaking? No one could figure it out. Then the 9 inch started breaking. I can't remember everything that went wrong with it, but he got sick of having to take it out fix something and then install it again. DSS will fix most issues, but if you have a shop install stuff then that can get expensive. He got in touch with Gforce and basically sent the DSS to them and got a sponsorship and whole new gforce 9 in set up. He's had it for over a yr now and not a single issue. Plus Chris the owner of Gforce is a great guy and will honor the lifetime warranty gforce has no questions asked. IMO Gforce is just a better company with a better product. Their products are built to last. I'll never put DSS product in my car.
I have use Gforce in the past and had great luck with them.
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