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Originally Posted by ParisTNDude View Post
I think Ford may upgrade the Boss 302 to some degree, but I don't see them doing anything brand new to compete. From what I've read, the Boss is just about the max possible from their antiquated platform except for mild HP increases. Their current chassis struggles big time to handle 444 HP. I think the new Mustang platform coming in 2015-16 will leap frog the current track car competition causing another flurry of catch up tactics from the competition. JMHO. But you're right...awesome times for all of us.
The Boss was only made for 12-13. The Mustang is in model year 14 already, so I would have to agree that they won't compete soon. Maybe model year 16 but by then the Z/28 might be done as well. We will have to wait and see
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