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Originally Posted by Izach26 View Post
No Dyno, track once best time was 14.288 my reaction time sucked thou, that was before exhaust and intake
Reaction time does not factor in to the overall 1/4 mile time. You could have sat at the line for 20 seconds and it wouldn't matter in your 1/4 mile time.

Anyways, if the intake you have now works decent (haven't really saw any performance numbers on volant) combined with your exhaust you should be around 335 or so would be my guess. Maybe 340.

The only other mods you can do is a ported throttle body (which really won't increase your peak power much at is more for throttle response and low end grunt). You can also do high flow cats, which would give you most of the benefit of full length headers (which you can't do to your car). Of course, if you do high flow cats, you would also want a tune, but you already said you want to keep your warranty. If you were to do all of that you'd be over 350HP in my opinion.

But if you are honestly thinking about getting an SS anytime soon....don't do anything. Just leave her be.
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