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Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
Nope! Going to Pensacola Beach today then hitting the road for a slow trip home tomorrow! Now I know what it's like to be a professional work slacker like you!
Well i'll be honest,after over 30 yrs. & over 4 million miles driving. Missing a lot of time with wife & kids ,plus anniversaries,Birthdays, X-Mas,thanksgivings. But I have an awesome wife 2 put up with me & did a great job taking care of house kids and still worked full time. Mowed the lawn,snow blowed and shoveled driveway. Best part was she maid sure the bills were paid & I never had 2 worry about coming home and the check ing acct. being empty. But it probably won't be long before you can sit back with wife and relax 2. I been retired so long now. Being a slacker is so easy.
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