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Originally Posted by JohnnyBfromPeoria View Post
KMPrenger is correct. Unless you live in AZ, where the kit is distributed, there's no sales tax. Just about anybody who can hold the necessary tools can install the kit, as long as you can read and follow directions. There's no real "heavy lifting" or anything. The IPF kit uses the stock pulleys on the engine, adding theirs and using a longer belt to drive it all. Another type of kit uses a separate drive pulley section to drive a second belt directly to the s/c, however, this means you have to remove/reinstall the crank pulley bolt, which would be the highest toque fastener in the whole assembly, also not that hard if you have air tools.

The directions are broken down into a particular task. Read them ALL before beginning. Look under the hood and identify everything you see in the pictures, make sure you can lay hands on them and get a feel for what you're trying to do with that step. Make sure you have the right tools before you start. It's a bummer if you get all psyched to do this, then find out you need two different Torx bits between removing the fender liner (step 1) and removing/installing the power steering return line fitting. I read the directions completely at least twice before I even started anything. Contrast that to me saying I could probably do a second one in half the time, it's really about knowing what's going to come up, and that eats time the first go-round.

Plus, we're here to help. Go for it.

John B.

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