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Originally Posted by Kenster View Post
My ex worked at Jiffy Loob and they bought an average of one new engine a month, mostly because the parolees they hired would forget to tighten the drain plug or forget to put in the oil. Probably because they were busy looking up skirts through the grate.
I worked at a Jiffy Lube for 3 years while I was in high school and part of college, in all that time we had our share of incidents, but nothing worse that what a dealer or any other shop sees. Most could be attributed to problems that had been long standing. Non-sealed battery came in dry and blew up when we turned the key (well, blew a vent cap, but it sounded like an honest to god explosion), car came in with a spark plug hanging from the plug wire and tried to blame it on us, that sort of thing.

We only ever had a single incident that involved a motor replacement, which was attributed to a bad batch of filters with incorrectly machined threads (filter came loose while driving and yeah... that ended badly...)

Did everything go exactly by the book 100% of the time? Definitely not, but I'd wager a guess that we were no worse than a dealer or any other shop.

Oh, and about the whole looking up skirts through the grate thing? Totally true.
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