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Originally Posted by NoSyT View Post
Hey TAG,

I'll be headed back to Fort Hood from Afghanistan in late July and I'll be selling by '07 Tahoe in the August/September time frame if you're interested.

I'm going to sell it so I can pay off my Camaro and buy a new truck.

Maybe that way you can get your land AND a Tahoe?
Well, if the wifey gets a job, we can do both for sure. But she has her heart set on VERY specific options and we're probably going to buy as new as possible with as few miles as possible. Appreciate the offer though. that is...unless it's like an LTZ with SUPER low miles and is loaded?
Originally Posted by ItsBroke View Post
Holy shizit! You really DID Doooooooooiiiiiittt didn't ya?

After reading your post in your build thread about transforming your garage, I got inspired.

Here's a before:

And here are a couple of after:

As you can see my garage is about the same size as yours and cleaning up the floor is going to be a challenge. I'm thinking about renting a pressure washer and some good cleaning solution and go at it. I'm told that kitty litter is good to use in the garage as well. Lighting is definitely on my list as I want to be able to get my SS out of the hot Texas sun when I'm detailing. HD is just a stones throw away fortunately. Besides, my garage needs to be presentable when I start hosting installapaloozas right?

Sorry for hijacking though. You done good job Tag!

HD being a stones throw away could be a VERY VERY BAD THING. Yes...I know this...

Garage looks good! And I know what you mean about cleaning the garage floor being a challenge... I have paint, oil, ...oh hell, everything on the floor. ...which .... is why it's gonna look so dang good once it's done. But, it's gonna be hell cleaning it. :(
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