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Originally Posted by pgustavson View Post
What you're looking at in the pics on the link you posted is not the ported intake manifold. The pics show that the head ports have been gasket-matched. The intake manifold is installed on top of what you see. Gasket-matching the head ports is only necessary if you do install a ported intake manifold as it eases an abrupt step-down in port size. The gasket-matching has been said to be worth a few HP on ICEolator installs with stock intake manifolds. The ported IM + ICEolator has been said to have a combined gain in the range of 30HP.
Sorry I am still a little... confused....

Can I purchase a ported IM online for my 1LT? If yes, where?

If I choose not too... will the ice-olator add all the stats it says on the site?
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