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Originally Posted by WildOne View Post
Had to have my power steering pump replaced on my 2012 Vert last week. Less than 7000 miles on the car...Started with the fluid leak and became worse, then the steering was compromised and you could hear the belt squeal.

I just got it home Tuesday and it drove fine but when putting it in the garage i noticed that the steering wheel was chattering on the extreme left or right (I have to back into a section of the garage). Was hoping to find if someone else had seen this, will it work itself out or does it need to go back to the dealer? They replaced the pump, flushed the system and replaced the belt.
Sorry to hear about the steering wheel concern. I know that must've been surprising to you. I would suggest letting your local GM dealer know, especially if you continue to notice this issue. I'd also like to schedule a visit for you at the dealer if you decide to take it in. Please keep me updated on this situation.

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