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Didn't get the car back yet. It needs a new windshield. They knew that entire 3 weeks it has been there. Even said the body shop tried to come do it a few times but the car was up in the air. Dealer called yesterday and said its ready to go. I asked if the windshield was done and said oh crap, it will be ready tomorrow then. Well I took a trip to the base to get some work done (I live two hours from base and dealer) and to be close by to get the car. Whole day went by and I called and he said the windshield was delivered to the wrong dealer but assured it would be ready I get to drive all the way back there tomorrow...I bet they forget to fix my radiator fans...after they changed the timing chains the high mode stopped working and I have had to constantly remind them and every time the service tech acts as if its the first time I am mentioning it. I just want everything taken care of so I don't have to come back. Since owning the car it has had about 70 days of shop time..40 within the first 6 months.

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