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Originally Posted by PIPE View Post
Garage turned out great TAG. Will say I think you needed just 1 more bracket on them old shelves. Dont think you had enough.

Like I said, I had a BUNCH of weight on those shelves...they were holding all they could.
Originally Posted by NoSyT View Post
Um, not an LTZ, mileage is 76k, only a few options. Not to threadjack but has your wife seen the newTahoe yet?...

Pass on the Tahoe, but thanks.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I may have seen something that may have been a next gen SUV, but I may have been dreaming.

Oh wait... forgot to post them...

Originally Posted by SparkyDL75 View Post
Great looking garage! The hard work now is keeping it from getting cluttered up...

And great product placement wearing the Camaro5 tshirt!

When you are the "shirt dealer" ....

(that was actually not intended, but we laughed about it too)
Originally Posted by ItsBroke View Post

Yeah I think I'll start with something a bit less...uhhh... fatal?'s just a little bit o' acid.

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