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Originally Posted by kansjfr View Post
Ok, silly me; I found it in a box in the trunk that I somehow didn't notice before. I'll probably never be tracking my car; should I go ahead and put it on for regular street driving, and if so, how often do you have to drain it?
i would def recommend some type of "catchcan" the stock one to me looks like a coffee mug and is not very aesthetically pleasing but a "catchcan" or oil seperator is probably one of the best and smartest mods to do to your car it will help protect your engine in the long run from the sludge and gunk that can occur and these LS motors are notorious for ingesting oil vapor

i myself went with a dual valve catchcan from rev extreme and vented both driver and passenger side of the crank by adding a tee into the inlet line i continuously get a couple teaspoons of oil every time i check it every thousand or so which if not for the catchcan would end up being re ingested into my intake manifold
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