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Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
I thought it was black at first too. I don't mind the darkness of it but seeing shades of purple is what killed it for me. We'll have to wait for another $7000 appearance package before we see a nice blue.
I'd like to see Navy Blue Metallic from the 4th gen make a come back.

Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
So I'm somewhat sad today. I was driving home today and I saw a really nice looking C6 Corvette and my thought was, "man that looks old". Is it the C7 or simply that the C6 has bee around so long? Don't know. I've had such a strong desire for that ca for sooooo long. I started working on it in 2003 so maybe it's simply that it is 10 years old in my mind. Or maybe it's simply that the C7 looks so good????

I started to really love the C6. I dreamed of owning a Jet Stream Blue or Black Z06 but I saw a pic of the C7 in front of the C6 and it made the C6 look ancient. It is still a nice looking car but I'm drooling over the C7 now. Especially in Laguna Blue. I'm really looking forward to the C7 Z06.
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