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Originally Posted by mc_acoustic View Post
Sorry, I am still learning I figured this was a nice community...

ANYWAYS. thanks for all the responses.
To answer your first question, no you likely won't achieve 312 hp at the rear wheels. You probably won't even make 300. And yes, you're right on that each mod won't make the advertised figures if you have others. Truth is, if u just add numbers that's not what you're gaining. Also, u need to see where the advertised gains are made. For example, the iceolator is advertised for 20 hp but it doesnt make that at peak. It makes like 5 hp at peak. Yet its a great mod because it makes it in the mid range where u spend a lot of time during driving.

If u want to make 300+ rwhp you're going to need to do more than just bolt ons

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