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The exhaust is not tinning anymore . There is (was) and tiny alignment nub about the size of a round aspirin on the mid pipe to help align the cat conv. when they are slipped together. During assembly I can see the where off my about mm and it broke this tiny aspirin sized nub off the midpipe but it was caught under neath the safety catch. This tiny little "metal pill" was making a metal tinning noise that was being carried through the system. I removed it with a screw driver. Noise gone!

Hill Start Assist. It came on yesterday on what was an obvious incline in a parking lot. I started the car, felt it come on as I went into gear and saw the indicator on the dash. Started to apply throttle and let the clutch out and drove away fine. At this point mine HSA is a non issue.

Launch Control. Thumbs down for now. I had been driving for over and hour (read hot tires) and decided to give it a try. Competivive mode, in first, clutch in, floor car, rpm hold at 4300ish and release clutch. Tires chirped twice and car fell on its face, RPMs dropped to about 2500-2800 and it bogged and then started to go.

My passenger laughed and then proceed to tell me I must have done it wrong. We pulled over. Read the how to online and ever watch the YouTube video on how to. Second try same results. I will give it one more try when the tires are cold and then I just won't use it unless I add more HP as it barely turned over the sticky tires.

On a side note I added my SLP skip shift eliminator when I was diagnosing the exhaust noise. Installed my ZL1 rear splash guards, removed the Bowtie on the deck lid, installed my Drake Bowtie insert on the front grill and finally programmed my favorites on te radio. .

Drove her to work today (38 miles) and loved every minute of it.

Tomorrow she gets the 3M clear bra installed.

Might just have this change to a built thread, so more to come

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