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Originally Posted by dan0617 View Post
I'm pretty sure most everyone relocates their IAT sensor.

My question is whether or not the aftermarket relocated sensor is reacting quick enough to get an accurate reading. For us centri guys the one in the MAF does, but I had an aftermarket relocated one on my last setup that reacted way too slowly. Showed decent IAT's, but in reality at the end of the run the IAT sensor was way behind. IAT's were reading 30 to 40 degrees less than they actually were at the end of a 1/4 mile run.

On a launch at the strip, what distance does an L99 car travel and what is the ET to the top of FIRST GEAR! Look at my log and see the IAT actually go down and get cooler with the movement of the car from the starting line to the top of first gear.....IMO that's a pretty fast response to a change in IAT.
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