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Originally Posted by Stew View Post
I don't care for slammed trucks, but trucks meant as sport trucks are fine. my Dakota is slightly lowered, nothing major, 1/2 I believe, but it is also a 2WD, Lightnings, Extreme S-10s, Dakota R/Ts, 2WD is all ok IMHO, don't see the point in a 4x4 though, and even with them, only a slight raise, not a fan of these huge lifted trucks with tires sticking out a foot past the fender haha.
Oh I agree, I think there are limits to lifts too. I'd be fine doing a very slight lift just to get a little more ground clearance when offroading but wheel and tire size would probably stay pretty close to stock.

Sport trucks are cool but I just don't see a point in them I guess. I'd rather get a sports car and leave my truck for work purposes. I guess it just boils down to what I've always used my truck for.
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