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HPTuners - V8 Tuning Sale; FREE Remote Tuning!!!

As many of you guys know already, we have been tuning for over a decade!!!

Included in the tuning is every parameter that we would normally change here on-site, including (but not limited to), custom timing maps, fuel mapping, fan controls, code removal, A/C controls, removal of speed limiter, mapping for aftermarket gear or tire sizes, and full automatic transmission control tuning.

We are packaging all of our tuning with the HPTuners Tuning Suite Standard version. This includes 8 vehicle credits which is enough to do 2-4 VEHICLES (Please see the list on HPTuners website). The package deal will include ONE remote tune, but if you and a buddy are looking for two tunes I will be happy to give a package discount and you can use the same laptop & HPTuners cables so you do not need to purchase another cable!

Let's present some features of the HPTuners Tuning Suite:

VCM Editors Flash utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file. The Flash utility allows a valid calibration to be written to the VCM/PCM and also incorporates an automatic VCM/PCM recovery capabilities for ultimate protection against any reflashing problems that may be encountered.

The VCM Editor also allows modification of the saved binary image. The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. The editor provides an easy to use graphical interface and many powerful table manipulation capabilities such as copying, scaling and shifting to name a few.

Log File Reviews

Most log files are reviewed and answered within the business day.

I will review ALL log files until the tune is 100%. Also, we do ask that our users after going to the track or on "spirited" driving runs please send us a log file also, we will be happy to review log files at any point.

Future Modifications

We will work with the customer on an individual basis. But if you add further modifications to the car, there may be a small retune fee at that time. If you add a major modification (i.e. supercharger kit) we will deal with it on a case by case basis. Any small modifications, such as you changed gear ratios, will be no charge to adjust the tune file for you.

Stock Calibration

If you ever want to put the calibration files back to stock for any reason, you can go ahead and do so with a few clicks. You will have YOUR factory file saved on your laptop, and can revert at anytime.

Automatic Transmissions

Gone will be the days of your sloppy, lazy , confused transmission! The best description for these transmission is they are too sloppy and inaccurate for a performance vehicles. With enhancing the tuning parameters of the 6L50E transmission, we can gain 2-3 tenths at the track with just transmission tuning. More over than that, your comfort-ability of driving stop light to stop light will increase, as we spread the shift pattern points out a bit so you are not racing to every stop light changing 5 gears.


Here is a good comment one of our latest custom tune guys left us: "So long story very short tune was off car for 3 days. I felt like my car was, for lack of better words, broken. Best mod I've ever done. Wouldn't go back warranty or not. The car drives 1000 times better. "



**Introductory sale on first FIVE UNITS only will receive ONE COMPLIMENTARY Remote Tune**

(Normal tuning will be $150)

HPTuners Standard VCM Suite $499 (Upgrade to PRO Suite for $150 additional)
Shipping US 48 States $20

= $519.00

HPTuners Standard VCM Suite $649
- Shipping US 48 States $20

= $669.00

Add AEM UEGO Wideband Gauge for $199 shipped. (Must have PRO Version for datalogging for wideband)

FSP Custom Remote Tuning FREE (For first FIVE units sold)
- (Normal tuning will be $150 or additional tunes for same package will be $150)

Please note please check the hardware/software requirements on , you will need a LAPTOP for all datalogging.
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