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What are your future plans? If you only plan minimal bolt ons, go for the boxed tune, as tuners like Jannetty can update your tune as you bolt more stuff on...but there are limits to this.

I made the jump to an my Diablosport programmer is an expensive CEL reader because I opted for the dynotune after the SC install.

There are those that will chime in and say the dynotune is the way to go...I'd recommend this if you know what you are planning with your car and it is not too extensive, if you are planning upgrades as a package of components, or if you can find a tuner that will cut you a break on retuning as you add components...but this can get costly...

If what you have done is all you plan on doing, go for the dynotune. This will give you the optimal result for your pieces. If you know you are going to do more...weigh the cost of the handheld against the dynotune and decide which will give you the best bang for your the short term as well as the long term...
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