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Originally Posted by 14pilot View Post
So I'm looking at the pic of the new large center opening and it brings to mind a couple of things...

Center outlet exhaust would be a natural

And an old Smoky Yunick nascar trick from 50 years ago... Create a venturi shape for airflow under the truck floor pan with some vertical walls. Place the exhaust tip exits at the lowest pressure point in this venturi. Get free boost of 1 to 2 psi as the low pressure sucks out the exhaust.

Just random thoughts here. In no way is this a suggestion to give you any ideas. HA-HA !!!

Pilot what did I say...........................

Actually, we are already planning on doing something similar, stay tuned.

Sneak peak

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I'm so jealous of Justin, damn finals are getting in the way of me being able to work as much work on the car.
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